In the spring of 2020, the association Kalndzirnavas was founded. Its goals are to restore and preserve the windmill as a part of the cultural landscape and establish Kalndzirnavas as a site to meet and learn.

With support from the local municipality of Burtnieki, the association has been working on creating a sightseeing spot, installing tourism information signs, and develop a website.

Sols pie dzirnavām

We hope that everyone finds enjoyment here - may it be an attraction for tourists, a rest stop for cyclists, a photo opportunity for newlyweds, or anyone else.

In the future, we plan to create a space for learning and creativity - open airs, seminars, creative workshops, and excursions.

We are open to ideas and cooperation offers.


Address: Kalndzirnavas, Burtnieku pagasts, Burtnieku novads, Latvia

Phone.: +371 29391593


Association Kalndzirnavas
Reg. #: 40008295938